HEIDENHAIN Corporation announces the new hire of Julian Renz as TNC Product Specialist, Five-Axis Machining. With double Master degrees, this seasoned traveler is now on hand to provide customer support on five-axis machining applications including machine set-up, programming and operations that incorporate HEIDENHAIN controls.
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As machine tool builders and end users continue to push the limit with speeds and feeds, they need a tool to evaluate the dynamic performance of their machine with the ultimate precision and accuracy.
HEIDENHAIN’s LC 200 linear encoder continues to set the standard in linear measurement on long machine tool axes. Now available with a Fanuc interface, this encoder is increasing its available interface options and meeting further demand.
HEIDENHAIN announces the ACANTO 30xx, the newest product in its line of high accuracy length gauges. The ACANTO 30xx features a 30 mm measuring stroke, ideal for measuring objects of multiple sizes or for applications which require a long travel.
SCHAUMBURG, IL – From HEIDENHAIN Corporation comes a unique online interactive training tool for CNC instruction called HIT (HEIDENHAIN Interactive Training). This new training solution was designed to create an informative yet entertaining learning experience and teaches the most important elements of a CNC machine and imparts fundamental knowledge about CNC programming.  
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HEIDENHAIN’s line of metrology digital readouts (DROs) has now received an upgrade. New LED screens are now being released on QUADRA-CHEKs models ND 1100 and ND 1200, and the GAGE-CHEK model ND 2100, previously all with LCD screens. LED screens have been shown to be longer lasting and provide greater brightness.

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