Compact and flexible welding and material removal

May, 03 2011
b_150_100_16777215_0___images_stories_Features2011_fanucrobot.jpgFANUC Robotics America demonstrates compact and flexible welding and material removal with the R-1000iA/80F high-speed, compact robot and dual ARC Mate 100iC welding robots with a two-axis positioner. The R-1000iA/80F is designed for spot welding and material handling processes.

It is compact, and offers FANUC’s world-renowned motion performance, making it an ideal solution in high-density work cells with space constraints. The R-1000iA/80F has an 80kg payload and features a slim design, allowing easy access to adjacent robots, fixtures and work pieces.  In addition, it can be floor or invert mounted, and has a large work envelope. Meantime, iRVision Tip Inspection software verifies that welding tips are in good condition, and properly aligned to help arc and spot welding customers reduce product issues and scrap/rework costs caused by poor tip conditions.

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