Turret Punch Presses

Murata Machinery USA, Inc. has introduced the latest in its Motorum line of turret punch presses. The Motorum M2048TS incorporates a CNC servo motor-driven turret punch press with a new…
Wilson Tool International now offers EXP punch technology for Fab/thin turret style tooling. Previously available only for thick turret tooling, EXP delivers the fastest setups in the industry.
Mate Precision Tooling’s new VariBend is a flexible, multi-purpose tool that bends sheet metal tabs at any angle up to 90°. It eliminates time-consuming secondary operations usually performed on a…
LVD Strippit now offers expanded turret capacity for 20-ton models of Strippit V-Series punch presses. The Strippit V20-1225 and Strippit V20-1525 punch presses are now equipped with a newly designed…
Wilson Tool’s new Dura-Die parting tool with replaceable die inserts offers punch press fabricators a quick, cost effective alternative to replacing the entire die in parting applications.
The latest generation of TRUMPF’s TruPunch 5000 provides greater flexibility due to the machine’s increased speed and the new active die option, which virtually eliminates scratches during processing.
FINN-POWER has recently introduced the FINN-POWER C6 LST, a 20-station, 33-ton C6 servo hydraulic turret punch press which allows 60 in. x 120 in. sheet processing without repositioning.
Multicyl offers a full standard product line of air over oil intensifiers which provide up to 40 tons of punching power.  Designed to power unitized tooling, Multicyl provides turnkey systems…
Fabricators who need to create forms beyond the constraints of their current Trumpf-style punch press tooling now have more forming freedom with the A-Plus Series from Wilson Tool International.
The TruPunch 1000 compact punching machine from TRUMPF is designed as an entry-level punching machine.
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